CME Group’s electronic trading infrastructure runs on Linux. When performance issues arise, diagnostic tools that work well in a low-latency environment with high uptime requirements are essential. Some thoughts on how we use and deploy Linux, our challenges, and what we’re looking for in our “toolkit” will be presented. The goal is to provide an end-user perspective on tracing tools.


Vinod Kutty is a Senior Director CME Group, leading research and development of platform technologies and Linux support. This includes working with internal development teams to tune new applications, evaluating new technologies that will benefit the business, and troubleshooting obscure production issues, amongst other things. He has been active in the Linux community through the Linux Foundation, and is an active member of Webmonsters. He has also served on several vendors’ customer advisory boards to help hone their roadmaps. When not glued to his screen, he enjoys travel, food, music and photography.