This presentation will provide an overview of these tools, including:

Profiling tools Scripting support: python, perl perf probe: Dynamic events for user and kernel space

The presenter will also talk about recent developments and plans, such as the annotation browser improvements, including:

  • Live mode, directly from ‘perf top’
  • Simplification of disassembler output
  • Navigation thru call, rets, jumps
  • Augmentation of jumps with arrows to targets
  • Showing number of sources to a jump target
  • Correlation of multiple events

And other topics such as:

  • perf probe support for userpace probes
  • Userspace callchains
  • Regression testing improvements
  • Hardware based branch profiling (LBR)
  • And interact with the audience looking for feature requests and feedback about the tools.

##Intended audience kernel and userspace developers interested in understanding what is happening on their systems using a growing set of observability tools.


Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo is a Principal Software Engineer at the Real Time team at Red Hat.