The ground work for tracing in Eclipse was done in the scope of the LTTng integration under the Eclipse Linux Tools project, where the basis for a tracing framework was laid: event, trace, and analysis tools modelization; plug-in architecture; efficient handling of traces exceeding available memory, etc. It is now referred to as the Tracing and Monitoring Framework (TMF).

This talk will describe the current status of the TMF plugins and views. It will cover the latest contributions in this area of trace viewing and analysis, such as LTTng 2.0 support and control, efficient statistics, generic state system, and advanced views for kernel traces. The latest version also supports reading text logs and the Common Trace Format (CTF), which is used by LTTng 2.0 and some hardware tracers.

Finally, it will show an example of how one could write a new view, or add support for a new trace type or application, using the generic components.


Alexandre Montplaisir is currently working as a research associate for the École Polytechnique de Montréal, in collaboration with Ericsson Canada. He is working on graphical trace analysis tools and is involved in the LTTng project. He is interested in open-source, new technologies, and anything remotely geeky.