Perf-probe dynamic event tracing is a fundamental feature for behavior analysis, performance analysis, and debugging. Recently, it has many updates and planned works as ARM porting/enhancement, perf-probe caching, and SDT support etc. Especially, perf-probe cache allows you to use dynamic probe on remote machine safely. This presentation will show you these efforts including ongoing works.


The main target audiences are the kernel developers and administrators who are interested in the kernel-level trouble analysis.


Masami Hiramatsu is a Japanese kernel maintainer of kprobes/ftrace/perf-probe etc. He is working for Hitachi Ltd. and is a researcher in Yokohama Research Laboratory. He started working on Linux kernel with Kernel Tracing (LKST) at 2002, and joined to SystemTap development and became a kprobes maintainer. Now he is working on ftrace and perf-tools mainly for improving dynamic event tracing.