The LTTng project has focused in the past few years on lowering the barrier to entry for tracing used by non-expert Linux end-users. We will present the progress on LTTng analyses, scripting facilities in Babeltrace, as well as the ongoing work on in-kernel and in-application aggregation of latency distributions.


Devops, Developers, Linux users, experts and non-experts, interested in understanding their system performance and behavior.


Mathieu Desnoyers main contributions are in the area of tracing (monitoring/performance analysis/debugging) and scalability, both at the kernel and user-space levels. He is maintainer of the LTTng project and the Userspace RCU library. He works in close collaboration with the telecommunication industry, many Linux distributions, and with customers developing hardware scaling from small embedded devices to large-deployment servers. He is CEO and Senior Software Architect at EfficiOS.