Ensuring the reliability of software interfaces is a crucial aspect regarding the quality and predictability of complex software systems. With defining interfaces by means of an IDL, like e.g. Franca IDL, it is already possible to guarantee the static consistency between the model and the source code during design time. But there is still a technical gap in validating the dynamic behavior of the interfaces at run-time. The question is: Are your interfaces used as expected? Based on the collection and processing of traces, we show how D-bus message calls can be traced back to its origin interface description and how valuable checks can be applied automatically, such as checking if request/response pairs are finished in a given target time, if pre- and post-conditions are fulfilled or if the values of input and output parameters are in range.

Target audience

Software Architects, Developers, Integrators, Project Leads working in complex software projects.


Torsten Mosis is a Software Architect, Consultant and co-founder of systemticks GmbH. Before he worked as a software developer and architect for automotive suppliers Elektrobit, Harman and SiemensVDO. His focus is on developing tooling and methodologies for working out robust, expressive and traceable software interfaces.