The LTTng tracer includes a tracer and trace analysis tools allowing correlated insight into the Linux kernel and user-space applications.

Survey the new features added to the LTTng tracer tools which were released in the last year, notably the “session rotation” feature which enables distributed processing of trace data, dynamic instrumentation of user-space functions and SDT probes with the kernel uprobes mechanism, and capture of kernel and user-space call-stacks from the LTTng kernel tracer.

Discuss upcoming feature roadmap, including use of the restartable sequences system call from the LTTng user-space tracer to enhance its performance.


Mathieu Desnoyers main contributions are in the area of tracing (monitoring/performance analysis/debugging), scalability, and performance, both at the kernel and user-space levels. He maintains the LTTng project, the Userspace RCU library, as well as the Linux kernel membarrier and restartable sequences system calls. He works in close collaboration with the telecommunication industry, many Linux distributions, and with customers developing hardware scaling from small embedded devices to large-deployment servers. He is CEO and Senior Software Architect at EfficiOS.