Windows Performance Analyzer is a popular and fully featured tool whose user-base is quite diverse Microsoft-wide as well as externally. Per the current name (WPA), it has been focused on Windows and thus has benefited from the stabilization of Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) and all the surrounding tooling and ecosystem around WPA.

This talk will cover a brief introduction to WPA, and how it has been used in the performance space historically. We will cover our direction and dedication to helping analyze other platforms and demonstrate how WPA can help analyze cross platform performance issues involving multiple different logging systems such as ETW, LTTNG/CTF, Cloud-Init, dmesg, and so on.


Ivan and Tristan have been working in the performance space for Microsoft over the last 6+ years, they are dedicated to improving reliability and performance across Windows and Microsoft’s platforms.

(For record and publish: I will be presenting with Ivan Berg, but he is currently out of office on travel. I would like to confirm with him before confirming record and publish. Thank you Tristan)

Target Audience

Developers and Users dedicated to performance analysis on single and multi-platform scenarios.