The Monado project is a fully open source XR runtime, it provides drivers, tracking and all other software components to build a XR platform. It implements the OpenXR API that applications use to deliver immersive experiences to the users. XR devices includes Quest2, Magic Leap 2, HoloLens and Valve Index to name a few.

This talk will cover:

  • Quick introduction to XR and the problem space of XR frame timing.
  • How Perfetto and home grown metrics tools was used in the development of Monado and how it can be used for XR and other realtime system in general.
  • Thoughts around Perfetto and other tracing tools from a intermediate tracing user perspective.


Jakob is the lead on the Monado project, a open source XR runtime. He has worked with Linux graphics since 2006, starting with Tungsten Graphics and moving into VMware. In 2013 he along with a friend started the OpenHMD project to make open source drivers for XR hardware. Currently working at Collabora as XR Architect, focusing on XR and graphics.