As a system administrator, it is crucial to gather telemetry data (TD) from microservices to ensure seamless monitoring, optimization, and reliability of the system. By doing so, you can easily pinpoint performance bottlenecks, detect anomalies, and make data-driven decisions.

This presentation focuses on collecting TD from microservices that have limited storage and resources and require low latency. To achieve this, it’s crucial to analyze TD across multiple hosts, implement filters to reduce the amount of TD saved, and minimize the impact on system performance.

To meet these requirements, we suggest combining LTTng and OpenTelemetry. The process involves two phases: an online phase where TD is structured and collected with OpenTelemetry and stored in CTF files with LTTng. The offline phase on the other hand focuses on how analyses are performed.


Eya-Tom Augustin Sangam is a master’s student working under the guidance of Michel Dagenais at Polytechnique Montreal. His area of research revolves around distributed and kernel tracing.