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From Network to Application: Understanding Your Distributed System with Trace Compass, Geneviève Bastien (École Polytechnique de Montréal), Bernd Hufmann (Ericsson)


Trace Compass (previously TMF) is an extensible framework for building trace analysis and visualization tools. With the built-in CTF and Pcap parsers we will demonstrate analyses of data at network, hypervisor, operating system and application level using a simple distributed application. You will see:

  • Network traffic analysis: Correlate network traces (Pcap) with application traces,
  • Data driven analysis: Analyze and visualize recorded data in custom views without writing of a single line of Java code,
  • Virtual machine analysis: If the applications is in a virtualized environment, the host and VM's traces can be correlated and show the resource usage (CPU, VCPU). We can observe a totally different execution than the one from 2 different machines. and explain latencies in the application's execution.