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The Linux Perf Tools: Overview and Current Developments, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo, Red Hat


This presentation will provide an overview of these tools, including:

Profiling tools Scripting support: python, perl perf probe: Dynamic events for user and kernel space

The presenter will also talk about recent developments and plans, such as the annotation browser improvements, including:

  • Live mode, directly from 'perf top'
  • Simplification of disassembler output
  • Navigation thru call, rets, jumps
  • Augmentation of jumps with arrows to targets
  • Showing number of sources to a jump target
  • Correlation of multiple events

And other topics such as:

  • perf probe support for userpace probes
  • Userspace callchains
  • Regression testing improvements
  • Hardware based branch profiling (LBR)

And interact with the audience looking for feature requests and feedback about the tools.

Intended audience

kernel and userspace developers interested in understanding what is happening on their systems using a growing set of observability tools.


Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo is a Principal Software Engineer at the Real Time team at Red Hat.